E. L. Congdon Lumber Co.


Working with lumber doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, when you have an experienced team working with you every step of the way, it can be quite straightforward. At E.L. Congdon Lumber Co., we understand what our clients need in order to complete their projects, no matter the size. In fact, we’ve had almost 80 years to hone our skills and are confident that we offer the quality services you need to succeed.



Sometimes picking up a lumber order can be quite the feat, especially if it’s a large one. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a project you’d rather not put on pause to load and unload everything? Whatever the reason might be, the team at E.L. Congdon Lumber Co. can help. We’re happy to deliver anything that we stock directly to you, usually within one business day, and we offer free delivery on orders over $500.

Special Orders

Much like our willingness to help with custom cutting, we’re happy to reach out to our distributors and place a special order on your behalf. If you don’t see exactly what you in stock in our store, in other words, let us know what you’re looking for. We can typically location even hard-to-find items within a few days and have them sent over to us so that you can keep your projects moving.